Eat Raw Vegetables and Fruits as Much as You Can  

Raw diet is made up of fresh and unrefined eatable things and which can be consumed in their natural state without cooking and streaming. Eating raw fruits, vegetables and nuts benefits-of-eating-vegetablesbring our attention towards nature. Raw food items generally include raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds which are packed with vitamins, fibers and numerous essential nutrients.

Fruits are sweet, fleshy and edible part of the plant. It generally contains seed and most of the fruits usually eaten raw. They come in a wide variety of color, flavor and size. Most common types of fruit are available apple, banana, orange, grapes and watermelon, while vegetables are available in different color and flavor like pea, tomato, potato and spinach.

How Raw Vegetables and Fruits Helps?

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers which help you to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level. Raw vegetables and fruits contain no fat or very less fat, no added sugar but provide plenty of energy.  Raw diet is totally based on plant ingredients so such diet is full of minerals, vitamins and proteins. Today, benefits-of-fruit-for-womenmany raw foods experts believe that the health benefits of consumption of raw fruits and vegetables help them to maintain a healthy weight, prevent from many ailments and provide energy.

Eating red fruits and vegetables such as red potatoes, tomatoes, pomegranates, strawberries and red peppers help you to improve memory function, urinary tract health and make your heart healthy. Orange color fruits and vegetables such as apricot, mangoes, oranges, pumpkin, papaya and sweet potatoes protect your eyes and skin from damage and prevent you from infection. Yellow color fruits and vegetables such as lemon, kiwi, pineapple and yellow tomatoes make your teeth and gums healthy and help to heal cuts by improving your mucus membrane.

diet-chart-for-womenEating only raw fruits and vegetables have benefits that do not contain caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Heating raw eatable items above the temperature of 116 to 118 degree Fahrenheit destroys vital life giving enzymes. The more raw foods in our diet, the heather we will be. A great way of incorporating raw food items in your diet is to make the salad of all raw fruits and vegetables, the main dish during meals. Now some most common benefits of eating raw fruits and vegetables are -:

Benefits of Eating Raw Vegetables andFruits

Improve Cardiovascular System -:

Raw food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans contain high fiber. They can prevent you from many health complications like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure and diabetes.

Weight Loss -:

Raw foods are low in calories, so incorporating raw foods in your diet help you to reduce weight and maintain a healthy weight. To maintain a healthy weight you need to consume a large amount of raw fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts.

Improve Your immunity -: 

Raw fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of vitamins weight-loss-by-raw-vegetables-and-fruitsand minerals such as vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and folic acid which help stimulating your immune system and prevent you from many health problems.

Cooling and Hydrating -:

Raw food contains high water content which helps you to cool down your body and keeps you hydrated. Fruits like watermelon, cucumber and pears help you to keep hydrated and energized during summer months.

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