What can be the reason behind acute stomach pain after drinking water?

Stomach pain is a problem which is impacting all age groups. It is a common problem which you normally face due to the stomach infection. Abdominal pain is the sign of serious disease and you should not neglect this sign at all. You should treat this issue with high priority by giving preference to appropriate cure as soon as possible. But sometimes your stomach also hurts after drinking water. It may occur due to following reasons which you need to know

Reasons for stomach pain after drinking water

Water Contamination:

Water ContaminationContaminated water is a factor which may lead to stomach aches after drinking water. If you feel stomach pain after drinking water, you need to have a look at your drinking water and its sources. Because they can be the sources of contamination with the virus, arsenic and chemical compounds from a tap and well water.

Visceral Hypersensitivity:

It is a reason which results in stomach pain after drinking water. In this condition, you suffer from unusual pain within your inner organs. This symptom is most common in people who suffer irritation bowel syndrome. And along with these people who suffer from functional, dyspepsia, functional abdominal pain or non-cardiac chest pain.


HyponatremiaIt may also be a cause of pain in the stomach if you are drinking too much than the recommended amount of water. Hyponatremia is a condition where your sodium levels start decreasing in blood than normal which disturbs the functioning of your digestive system. You may encounter symptoms like abdominal pain while suffering from this. So if your stomach is paining after drinking, it means that you are drinking too much of water than required.

Other possible reasons:

1. If you are feeling pain in your upper or middle part of your stomach after drinking water,     it may be a sign of acute pancreatitis.

2. Drinking water in big gulps may also result in abdominal pain. Some people also may         experience discomfort when they drink water on an empty stomach, especially in               morning.

Suggestions to deal with upper stomach pain

Don’t depress if you have the above-mentioned symptoms. You should follow these steps Sanitize the waterto solve this severe issue.

  • Sanitize the water.
  • Never drink above the recommended fluid dosage.
  • Consult your doctor.
  • Drink room temperature water.

You all are supposed to implement these steps to get rid of stomach pain. It is foremost to treat it on time otherwise, it will become severe and it will disturb the functioning of your whole body and become responsible for other severe disorders.

In the above article, you have read about the stomach pain after drinking water. to know more health related tips please click here.

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